Google Pay disappears: Comeback of Google Wallet

Google Wallet is now being delivered to users. Google Pay says goodbye to Android devices.

The end of the “Google Pay” app is getting closer: Google has started delivering the “Google Wallet” app to users. Users will receive an update through the Google Play Store that will replace “Google Pay” with “Google Wallet”. The first users are already receiving this update, as reported by Ultimately, this is version 2.150.460235810 of the Google Pay app, which changes the name of the app. A Google spokesman told The Verge that “Android users in 39 countries” will receive the corresponding app in the “next few days”.

This is what Google Wallet offers

Google presented “Google Wallet” at Google I/O 2022. With the digital wallet, users should not only be able to make contactless payments via NFC, but also store all of their customer and award cards, tickets, digital keys, vaccination certificates and boarding passes. Later also digital driving licenses and more.

“Google Wallet” is not really new anyway. The app already had this name in the early 2010s, but was renamed “Google Pay” later in the year after the functions of “Google Wallet” were combined with those of “Android Pay”. Now it is renamed back to “Google Wallet”.

Google Wallet replaces Google Pay in almost 40 countries


Google Wallet replaces Google Pay in almost 40 countries


According to Google, “Google Wallet” will replace the previous “Google Pay” app in almost 40 countries, including Germany and many other European countries. In the US and Singapore, however, there will still be two separate apps: Google Pay and Google Wallet. This is because in these countries the “Google Pay” app can also be used to send money to friends quickly.

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