Google penalizes clickbait websites in search

Websites that are only designed to generate clicks are to be penalized in the search results in the future.

Google announced today that it intends to further refine the display of search results in its search. The group wants to pay particular attention to websites that are only intended to generate clicks – so-called clickbait websites.

Clickbait in search results

The makers of clickbait websites collect content for popular search terms in order to attract as many users as possible via Google search and generate clicks, which in turn lead to advertising revenue for the site operators. Such websites usually do not provide their own or new information on the search term. When searching for film reviews, for example, users often come across websites that only summarize reviews from other sites in an overview, but do not offer any new information of their own. According to Google, search engine users often perceive such websites as annoying and unhelpful.

Update only for the English language search engine

Because of this, Google is making some changes to English-language Google Search over the next week. These changes are intended to make it easier for users to

“Find helpful content made by and for people.”

With the “Update for helpful content” for the Google search, Google wants to take action against content that was primarily created for a good ranking in the search engine.

“Unoriginal, inferior content”

should no longer be placed well in the search results. It is not yet known when the update will also be rolled out for the German version of Google search. German users will therefore have to live with clickbait websites in the search results for a little longer for the time being.

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