Google Pixel 7 (Pro) Release: When is the new Google phone coming?

With the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the next smartphone generation from Google is in the starting blocks. In this article we will tell you when you can see, buy and hold the mobile phone in your hands.

The Pixel 7 (Pro) has not even been fully revealed, but Google is at least showing the new back and colors of the smartphone in its own store. In addition, we already know when Google will introduce the Pixel phones and when you can pre-order them.

  • 6 October 2022 from 4 p.m.:

    “Made by Google” event with Pixel 7, 7 Pro and Pixel Watch

  • October 6, 2022 after presentation:

    Start of pre-order

  • 13./14. October 2022:

    possible market launch

So far, nothing is known about the official release, i.e. when the devices will appear on the market. Last year, Google unveiled the Pixel 6 on a Tuesday (October 19) and launched it 9 days later on a Thursday (October 28). Because a release at the weekend is rather unlikely, we assume a market launch about a week after the presentation. So you could get your hands on the Pixel 7 (Pro) on October 13 or 14, 2022.

Google itself officially named the first two dates in this video:

About the Pixel 7:

Google itself is already revealing the colors of the new Pixel devices. Both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will come in Obsidian (black) and Snow (white) colors. In addition, there is the normal Pixel 7 in Lemongrass (yellow-green) and the Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel (dark green). The Google phones come again with a Google-owned processor that goes by the name “Tenor” – now in the next generation.

Google Pixel 7: everything you need to know about it

Further dates are not yet known. So far, Google has only shown the back, but not the front. There is also no official information on the prices yet, but they will probably be higher than those of the previous generation. The Pixel 6 was available from 649 euros and the Pixel 6 Pro from 899 euros.

By the way: In addition to the Pixel 7 models, Google shows the design of the expected Pixel Watch in a video with a focus on the design:

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