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Google promises more privacy with a radical change of direction

A revolutionary intervention in the tech world should offer you more privacy. Google will stop advertising based on your individual search behavior. At least, that’s what the company claims in a statement.

From 2022, the tech company will no longer sell ads based on the specific browsing behavior of individual users. Google announced this in a blog post today. According to several experts, this radical change in direction can radically change the world of online advertising.

Google will stop advertising based on individual search behavior

“Keeping the internet open and accessible to everyone means we all need to do more to protect privacy,” Google said in a statement. “That means ending third-party cookies, as well as any technology used to track individual people as they browse the Internet.”

Is privacy our most threatened human right?

Earlier, Google already revealed how to build a ‘privacy sandbox’ into Chrome, nowadays the most used internet browser worldwide. As a result, cookies from other companies would no longer work properly. Internet users can be followed in detail by means of ‘tracking cookies’. For example, advertisers can now still offer very specific and sophisticated advertisements. The tech world, with Google and Facebook at the forefront, has been criticized for years for this type of cookies.

‘No new technology for individual tracking’

A logical thought is that removing third-party cookies also makes it more difficult for other companies to compete with Google. After all, the search giant itself is also a major player in the field of advertising. But now Google is announcing that it will not use other technology to monitor user behavior itself. The tech company does test ways in which companies can target advertisements to specific groups of anonymous users with similar interests.

Before this change of course of Google, Apple already made the use of the cookies and personalized ads in the Safari browser impossible. Firefox has also focused emphatically on privacy for some time.

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Google promises more privacy with a radical change of direction


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