Google promises to no longer follow users individually

The company promises that in a blog post on Wednesday. Google announced last year that in 2022 it wants to stop using so-called tracking cookies, files that enable companies to map the online surfing behavior of individuals.

That means that companies can no longer just follow you. It also becomes more difficult for them to offer targeted advertisements.

Alternative ways to track

“We have since been regularly asked whether Google, like other advertising companies, intends to track users in an alternative way,” the company writes. “We’re not going to do that. Nor are we incorporating alternative ways of identifying individual users into our products.”

The search giant will use “privacy-friendly” solutions that prevent people from being tracked individually, but still “deliver results” for advertisers and publishers.

According to Google, this is now possible because new ways have been developed to anonymize and unify data. The company speaks of “ways to group individuals who share their interests,” rather than looking at what specific sites someone visits.


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