Google search has been improved: The details

Google has improved web search in a crucial place. You can now always see the exact environment of the search term in the hit lists.

Google improves the display of hits in its search. If you search for a specific term and put the search term between quotation marks, the hit list will now show exactly the text excerpts (“snippets”) on the found pages in which the term you are looking for occurs. You can already see the context of the search term in the preview and should be able to identify the hits that are relevant to you more quickly.

Google presents the improvement in detail in this blog post. If you carry out the search in a desktop browser, Google will highlight the hits in the text excerpts in bold.

In the past, Google hasn’t always done this because sometimes the cited material appears in areas of a document that Google says isn’t suitable for creating useful snippets. For example, a word or phrase might appear in a page’s menu item that navigates to different sections of the site. Creating a snippet for such sections may not result in an easy-to-read description, Google said. But Google finally listened to the input of the users, who always want to see the exact text passages in the hit list – and now changed the display accordingly.

Google points out that hits can sometimes be displayed that cannot be found immediately on the website. This is the case, for example, if the search term is in the metadata of a website. In addition, the content of a web page may have changed since the Google search engine bot last picked it up. Read all the details you should be aware of when searching with double quotes in said blog post.

There is no change to the general Google search, where you simply search for terms without putting them in quotation marks.

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