Google stops with internet balloons: ‘too expensive’

Loon CEO Alastair Westgarth announced this in a blog post.

According to the CEO, it was not possible to bring the costs of the internet balloons down, so that the technology remained too pricey to continue to use in the long term. That is why it was decided to end the company in advance.

The Loon balloons were equipped with transmitting equipment and placed above locations that are difficult to reach, such as mountains. An internet signal was then broadcast there, so that people could also connect in these remote places.

With this Alphabet tried to connect the whole world to the internet. While populated areas do generally have a connection, this is not the case in many corners of our planet. Laying cables and other equipment is more difficult there.

Technology is shared

Although the Google parent company is abandoning its plans for internet balloons, it does not immediately end initiatives that try the same. The tech giant pledges to donate $ 10 million to non-profit organizations that are trying to better connect Kenya to the internet.

The technology used by Loon will be shared with other agencies so that they can potentially build on it.


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