Google tests search function videos TikTok and Instagram

Google is testing a new feature that will also allow users to search for videos on TikTok and Instagram. This is reported by trade news site TechCrunch. That way, the platform would be better at keeping people within Google’s domains.

This is a section called “Short Videos” that can be seen in the search results of the mobile app and in a mobile browser. This is a test with a limited number of users, and according to the company, it is not yet certain that the function will remain included in the search results.

In addition to Instagram and TikTok, the Short Videos also include search results from Google’s own video project Tangi and YouTube. Recently, YouTube has also been experimenting with short video formats such as the videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Opened within a browser

After clicking on the search result, the user is not taken to the respective app, but the video opens in a screen in the mobile browser. This should make it easier to return to search results within Google, as users are still in the web browser.



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