Google warns Android users of airstrikes in Ukraine

Google has integrated a function into Android to warn people in Ukraine of air raids.

Android users in Ukraine are to be warned of Russian air raids via smartphone in the future. Google presented such a function in a blog entry. This should be integrated directly into the Android Play Services, an additional app is not necessary. The distribution of the update has already started.

Developed for earthquakes

There have been apps in the Play Store for some time that warn Ukrainians of air raids. Google is now adopting this functionality to warn Android smartphone owners of airstrikes using alerts provided by the Ukrainian government. Even without an additional app, the warnings should arrive directly on the smartphone. The function was actually developed by Google to warn of earthquakes. In the event of air raids, however, the warning is based solely on data from the Ukrainian government.

Further measures against Russia

Google also wants to help protect Ukrainian citizens in other ways. For this purpose, the advertising networks in Russia have been discontinued. Google has thus put most of its commercial activities in Russia on hold. However, they want to continue to use services such as Gmail, YouTube or Google search because they are of fundamental importance to the people of Russia. At the same time, Google wants to curb the spread of state-affiliated Russian media channels. As a first measure, the apps of the state-financed broadcasters RT and Sputnik were banned from the Play Store. The apps can no longer be found with a Google search either.

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