Google will search for songs that you hum, whistle or sing

Good news for those who are really bad with artists and song titles. Because Google has unleashed a new function on the world. From now on, the search engine recognizes which song you sing, hum or whistle.

You know it: there is a song in a head, but you have no idea what it is called or who is singing it. Well, the folks at Google sometimes suffer from that too. Therefore, the search engine now has hum to search launched. That function is very simple. You sing, hum, or whistle a song, and Google tries to recognize it.

Link melody

A special technology will try to find the melody you sing in existing songs. Good news: it’s okay if you sing out of tune. The results you get for your search are ranked by how big the match is that Google thinks it found.

Google immediately rolled out its new feature worldwide. Apple users can only search in English for now. Android users have better luck. On that operating system, Google has already rolled out its new feature in 20 languages. The company also plans to add more.

App and Google Assistant

The function can be found via Google Assistant and the Google app on your smartphone. All you have to do is ask your Assistant “What’s the song?”, Or start singing and click “Find a song”.


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