Gordon: ‘A child could be my salvation’

It’s no secret that Gordon has a desire to have children. Two years ago it would have been close to whether the singer had become a father. “In recent years I have thought about it more and more. I even found a surrogate mother two years ago, but I called it off because I thought my life was not suitable for it. Now that is a completely different story.”

Because of his work for the program 100 Years Young he sees how some people are left alone, and that is something he absolutely does not want. “The fact that I will soon leave this earth and leave nothing behind is a hard thought to me. (…) If it were to be the case that I could still become a father, I would really like that. I do not rule it out. …) I think it could be my salvation. Then you become aware of the fact that unconditional love really lies with your child and not with someone else. “

Yet Gordon does not rule out a new relationship. “I would like it, but it is not a priority. Every man was the love of my life,” the singer jokes. “If it happens to me I would really like it. When I speak to parents of children, they all say that a child is the most beautiful in the world. (…) If it were so, then it is more than welcome . “

Gordon would rather no longer want young men: “I’d rather not be under 30 years old anymore. But now I have a very nice boy from Cape Town who I really like.” You can see the entire conversation between Gordon and Robbert here.

Gordon is currently busy with a musical comeback. RTL Boulevard visited him.


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