Gordon honors deceased sister in loaded Insta post

In a photo, the singer writes that he thinks of the ‘gigantic fun’ card nights together, her presence in Moscow and Los Angeles and her smoked voice. “I knew you always loved me,” he adds. “That’s why I honor you here as your proud brother and everyone can know what a crazy person you were, full of humor!”

Gordon concludes with the promise that they will see each other again, “I hope you are at peace and by the light.”

Gordon’s sister Lydia died suddenly on February 14, 2019 at the age of 61 after a short illness from the consequences of a stroke and fluid accumulation in the brain. Although the singer did not have a good relationship with her before her death, he made it clear at the time to the media not to abuse it. “As in every family, we have problems and sometimes it takes years for things to be spoken, often for nothing… There was little to no contact with each other, but that does not alter the fact that the blood bond always remains. I loved my sister, and I am very sad that she passed us so early. What a pity that we were unable to speak to each other because the last hug was from 1.5 years ago and then we actually made it ‘good’ again for what was bad then, ‘he wrote then.

Yet there are also beautiful things in Gordon’s life. That’s how he picks up singing again! In this video he tells all about it himself:


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