Gordon: ‘If there was alcohol in the house, I would have drunk it’

Now that the presenter is at home a lot, he appreciates all the more what he has. “I didn’t see it anymore, but now I do,” he says in Linda de Mol’s magazine. But as beautiful as his home is, sitting continuously in one place drives him crazy, so he sometimes goes to his house in Amsterdam for some distraction. Furthermore, he does not come out the door and groceries are collected for him.

And that’s a good thing, because kicking off is getting more and more difficult. “I had a lot to hold on to during the meetings, where I can’t go now,” he explains. “I make sure I don’t have alcohol in my house, but if it had been there, I would have drunk it.”

Although the singer knows that it does not get better in the end: the relapse flashes around the corner. Gordon: “I really miss that happiness moment of a nice glass of wine or a line of coke. At least it softens things a bit. Now I have nothing and I just have to go through it hard and sober every day. I think it is a disaster.”

Gordon does not seem to be happy, even though he was still so positive at the beginning of the year.


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