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Gordon is all done with Gerard Joling’s accusations

Gordon is furious about the criticism he is getting for his new dog Toto. Even colleague Gerard Joling had his say, he wondered aloud whether Gordon can take care of the dog. Now the time is full for Gordon, it seems. In a message on Instagram, he says that he has engaged a lawyer.

Toto is a French Bulldog, and they often suffer from various health complaints. On Friday, Joling said that Gordon often had dogs, but that he did not have time for the bugs at the time. That is why he should not take a dog into the house now. Gordon took to Instagram again to show his dissatisfaction. He called the comments of his former television partner “yet another stab of the dagger” in the back. In last night RTL Boulevard Joling said that Gordon’s angry reaction may have been because he was back on alcohol and drugs.

And that is where things go completely wrong for Gordon: he cannot accept that people do not allow him his dog luck. “I really wonder what they are doing? The world is on fire and it’s about my dog? I am an animal executioner ?? ”he writes on Instagram today. “After my drug addiction and the violent robbery last year, I got a dog on the advice of my therapist. The bond I already have with Toto is indescribably nice. The best decision ever! It is clear that the breed has problems, but Toto is perfectly healthy, breathes normally and has been checked by various vets in the past few weeks. ”

Gordon: ‘Have videos of very drunk Mr. Joling’

Gordon also finds it “disgusting and reprehensible” that he is described as an animal executioner. “The fact that my ex colleague Gerard then has to do his pee again says more about the character of him. I am in recovery and will continue to do so all my life and started wonderfully clean this year. There are various videos circulating on the internet of a very drunk Mr. Joling that have been sent to me in the past 24 hours. I would first mention my own drinking problem before you make hurtful and unnecessarily offensive statements to a person who is at least openly speaking out. ”

That’s why he hired a lawyer. “I have instructed my lawyer to bring legal action against the media that systematically post suggestive and defamatory articles and to start proceedings on the merits or summary proceedings from tomorrow in order to stop the defamatory defamatory statements made to my person once and for all.”

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Gordon is all done with Gerard Joling’s accusations


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