Gordon scrambles to his feet: ‘Thanks to trauma therapy’

Gordon is now getting better. “Thanks to trauma therapy,” the presenter said The Telegraph. “I climb back up from the basement and even released my new single ‘De Heling’. But it was blow to blow with the robbery and corona, mentally and physically.”

After the outbreak of the corona virus, the presenter soon called out that the virus would kill him if he got it. Because of his autoimmune diseases and rheumatism, he falls into the risk group. “But apart from a cough I hardly had any complaints,” said Gordon.

The worst blow was ultimately the robbery. That made a huge difference. “I haven’t seen anyone for weeks. All the fun in life had been knocked out of me. Literally and figuratively. You don’t wish that on anyone.”

At the same time, Gordon was still working on the program 100 Years Young, which he is making for Talpa. The shooting days with the over-100s helped him enormously. “These people are in their own bubble. They are not aware of all the negativity on social media, the hardening of society, the short fuses.

In the video below, Gordon tells more about the difficult time that the presenter has gone through. And how he hopes to recover from that.


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