Gossip about Kanye West’s affair with Jeffree Star creates hilarity on the internet

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are getting a divorce. And when such news comes out, the gossip factories start working overtime. That is no different now. In the latest gossip, Kanye is said to have (had) an affair with controversial beauty guru Jeffree Star. And that news creates hilarity on the internet.

Kanye has been staying at his Wyoming ranch for several weeks now, but he wouldn’t be completely alone there. According to gossip, the rapper would stay there in the company of none other than Jeffree Star, who we can call just about the most controversial beauty guru of the moment. Whether there is much true about the gossip, we will leave it in the middle, but the internet is already enjoying it.

Kanye and Jeffree

The gossip originated on TikTok in a video by @realavalouiise. In her video she says, “Now that Kim is finally doing it (filing for divorce, ed.), I can finally get the tea parts that I’ve been hiding for months. This whole divorce comes as no surprise as Kanye is having an affair with a very famous beauty guru, a male beauty guru. Many people in the industry have known this for a while. ”

It didn’t take long before it became clear that the “male beauty guru” in question was Jeffree Star. Jeffree also added some fuel to the fire with a photo on Instagram and Twitter. It’s a photo of herself with iridescent hair, but it’s mostly the caption that seems to refer to Kanye. “I am ready for Sunday Service,” he wrote with the photo. And let Sunday Service be precisely the masses that Kanye organizes. The location of the photo is also Wyoming, where Kanye’s ranch can be found. If there’s one thing we know about Jeffree Star, it’s that he likes nothing more than to seek out controversy and drama. So this is not real proof.

Hilarious reactions

But whether it is true or not, the internet feeds on this gossip. For example, hundreds of memes and reactions have already appeared on social media, of which we list our favorites here.


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