Gran Turismo 7: Fans fight micro-transactions with farming script

Gran Turismo 7 fans have found a way around the controversial in-game micro-transactions.

At the launch of ” Gran Turismo 7 “, the game received consistently good reviews. However, that changed abruptly when the title’s in-game store went online shortly after the release. In order to unlock the cars in the game, the in-game currency of “Gran Turismo 7” is required, which in turn is earned by driving races.

Patch increases prices for cars

While players initially received a moderate payout rate per race, this was drastically reduced with the release of patch 1.08 on March 18th. In this way, the developer wants to get the players to unlock their dream cars in the game with the expensive microtransactions. This fact has caused outrage among Gran Turismo 7 buyers, who feel that they have already spent enough to get the game. The players have already taken revenge with bad ratings for the game on the Metacritic rating platform. “Gran Turimso 7” now has a shockingly low average rating of 1.7 out of 10 for a Playstation 5 game.

Script farms ingame currency automatically: 150 euros / day

Players have found another way to show their displeasure to developers Polyphony Digital in a farming script for the in-game currency. The script was developed by Septomor and posted to the PSN Profiles forum.

The software allows Playstation owners to earn in-game currency for Gran Turismo 7 without playing the game. The script is Windows compatible and will automatically run the same race over and over via the Playstation Remote Play app on PC. In this way it should be possible to earn about 15 million credits a day. The sum costs around 150 euros in the microtransaction shop. So far, neither Sony nor Polyphony are taking action against the script. However, that could change shortly.

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