Gran Turismo 7: Unplayable for 24 hours due to maintenance

Gran Turismo 7 requires a permanent internet connection. As a result, players were now unable to race for 24 hours.

Even when it was released, the Playstation racing game “Gran Turismo 7” was criticized for requiring a permanent internet connection. Without an online connection, only very few components of the racing game can be used, for example the career is left out. This design decision became a problem for all players for the first time: After the release of the update with version number 1.07, problems arose. Developer Polyphony Digital responded with maintenance work that caused a failure of more than 24 hours.

Angry Players

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the creators of “Gran Turismo 7” only announced that the server maintenance period would be extended. At the same time, the developers apologized to the players, but they were very upset that they couldn’t use their game for such a long time.

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Online coercion against cheaters

An active internet connection is required for almost all modes in “Gran Turismo 7”. This also includes the campaign, which in earlier parts could still be run without the Internet without any problems. Only the arcade mode can also be played without a server connection. However, no new cars or in-game credits can be earned here. According to Polyphony, online compulsion is intended to curb digital cheaters. However, the undesirable side effect is that players with internet problems or in the event of a server failure can only use a fraction of their game. It remains to be hoped that Polyphony Digital will reconsider its decision to be forced online. This would also make sense with a view to the future: If the game’s servers are shut down in a few years, “Gran Turismo 7” will also become a pretty useless game.

Gran Turismo 7: A paradise for car lovers

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