Grandparents for the Climate are asking people over 55, banks and governments to invest more sustainably

Investing ethically and sustainably, these are terms that are no longer unknown and that no longer remain a dead letter. But it is always allowed to do more and better, and that is why the civil movement Grandparents for Climate vzw fights. She looks where the money is. And the group is asking for more sustainable use of savings than ever before.

“We need to be able to look deeply into the eyes of our grandchildren. The over-55s make up 1/3 of the population with us, but about 2/3 of all capital is in that group. A minority of this is invested sustainably, and that must We ask the over-55s to check whether their money at banks, insurance companies and pension funds is being well spent, “says Frans Declerck, one of the drivers behind Grandparents for the Climate and former CEO of Triodos Bank. . “We have to think about the future of our grandchildren. And later.”

“We must direct investments and investments to projects that bring consumption in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The financial institutions are also best able to apply this. They must ask their customers about their preferred investment and they are best trained to educate their employees about sustainable financing.”

The movement is also looking at all governments: “We ask governments to also think sustainably, to oblige financial institutions to make adjustments and to provide an incentive to private individuals who invest sustainably.”

A whole internet campaign has been set up, which can be found on our cents. be.


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