Graphics cards: 30 percent more deliveries in 2021

Despite the shortage of semiconductors, around 30 percent more graphics cards were shipped last year than in 2020.

The past year was dominated by the semiconductor and corona crisis. If you wanted to install a new graphics card in your computer, you had to deal with delivery problems and very high prices. In addition, there was a market swept empty by cryptominers, which hardly left any GPUs for players. Nevertheless, the manufacturers were able to look forward to good sales. Compared to 2020, 30 percent more graphics cards went over the counter. This is the result of an evaluation by Graphic Speak. The value of the graphics cards shipped last year reached 51.8 billion US dollars.

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Prices are slowly falling

In the current year 2022, the situation for buyers of new graphics cards has improved somewhat. Some GPUs are now available almost at the manufacturer’s recommended retail price due to significant price reductions. Due to the continuing shortage of semiconductors and limited production capacities, many sought-after graphics cards are still difficult to deliver or can only be obtained with high price surcharges. For example, a Gainward RTX 3060 Ghost with 12 GB VRAM still costs at least 449 euros instead of the 329 euros estimated by the manufacturer. You can find more information in our article:

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Furthermore, often well above the RRP

The Radeon graphics cards from the manufacturer AMD are usually a little better available than the RTX GPUs from Nvidia. Graphics cards such as the RX 6800 XT or the RX 6900 XT have recently seen significant price reductions. But here, too, the prices are still a long way from the manufacturer’s RRP. A Radeon RX 6800 XT from XFX with 16 GB VRAM currently costs at least 949 euros, but according to AMD the RRP should actually be 649 euros.

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