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“I really want a commitment from Minister Grapperhaus this week. Entrepreneurs should not be bothered by this ”, says SME director Leendert Jan Visser to this newspaper.

VisserHij says that consultations have been held since Tuesday with the top officials of the Ministry of Justice and Security. “He agrees with us. The only question was whether there will be a scheme per city or whether there will be a national scheme, but there will be a compensation fund and I will stick to it. ”

No outcome yet

A spokesperson for Minister Grapperhaus confirms that talks are taking place. “There is consultation with entrepreneurs about the damage they have suffered,” said the spokesman. “We cannot report anything about the outcome yet.”

According to MKB-Nederland, insurers are also involved in the discussions. “Part of the damage is insured. But not a part either, because some policies exclude acts of war, ”says Visser. “And not everyone has insurance.” The entrepreneur foreman cannot yet say what amounts are involved.


In recent days, rioters have caused extensive damage to shops and other buildings in inner cities. Visser wants compensation for ‘all entrepreneurs’. “Everyone now knows that Primera store in Den Bosch where there has been major damage. But not only retailers have been duped. For example, there may also be damage to a cinema or other entrepreneurs. ”

Minister Grapperhaus said earlier this week that the damage will be recovered from the rioters themselves. Lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops said on Tuesday evening on talk show Jinek that in practice it is very difficult to have rioters pay for the costs. It is legally difficult to prove who caused which damage. He also called for the creation of a government fund.


MKB-Nederland wants the government to help entrepreneurs through a compensation fund. “And of course the government can then recover the damage.”

On Wednesday afternoon there will be a debate in the Lower House about the curfew riots and on Thursday there will be a parliamentary debate about the aid packages. MKB director Visser hopes that concrete commitments will be made in one of those two debates.


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