Grasser: “I’m innocent and I hope for a fair judgment”

Grasser also thanked the co-defendants who had not taken the easy route to untruthfully accuse him and who had not given in to the “pressure” of the public prosecutor. The co-accused ex-lobbyist Peter Hochegger, on the other hand, gave false statements, according to Grasser.

The testimony had fully confirmed that he had not done anything wrong, that he had not passed on any information or accepted any money. The privatization of federal apartments and the leasing of finance in the Linz Terminal Tower were lawful. This is also confirmed by the termination of the investigation against a Swiss woman who had signed a document with him, which the public prosecutor had called a “certificate of inspection”.

Then Meischberger made his last statement in the process and also thanked the court for the fair conduct of the negotiations. “At some point enough has been said,” he said, the matter was ready for a decision on the table. Despite all the “crooked optics” he acted lawfully and properly performed all services, said the former lobbyist. The long duration of the proceedings and the public prejudice had caused him lasting damage. “Nobody can give me back eleven years of my life, not even the court, but maybe my reputation,” said Meischberger. He asked the court for a fair judgment and an acquittal on all counts.


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