Great Britain: Labor stronghold fell into the hands of Boris Johnson

“He has also not yet explained many of the program details,” says Professor Steven Fielding, Labor expert at the University of Nottingham, to the KURIER. In fact, it is often heard from the English that Labor does not understand the average citizen and, above all, gives the best of “waffle”, that is, blah blah or waffle.

How important Hartlepool is, where the incumbent Labor MP resigned after allegations of sexual abuse, is shown by the fact that Starmer and Johnson visited it several times during the election campaign. Labour’s candidate was an ex-doctor. The fact that he is pro-EU seemed a problem in a city where almost 70 percent were in favor of Brexit and the Brexit party achieved its best result in 2019 with 26 percent.

His Tory opponent Jill Mortimer, who actually lives 40 minutes away, promised “change” despite 11 years of Tory dominance on the national level and won clearly. Starmer asked for more patience in advance and took the defeat here and in other communities on his hat. One of his shadow ministers called the result “shocking” but argued that “Labor is not changing fast enough” and that his boss has what it takes to be seen as a “prime alternative”.


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