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Great tribute to Radar Love and George Kooymans, who was ill

In many places in the Netherlands people are getting ready Radar Love. The performance of Golden Earring’s biggest hit is a tribute to the year-old guitarist and co-founder George Kooymans.

George Kooymans announced at the beginning of February that he suffers from the incurable muscle disease ALS. That made a deep impression on the fans of Golden Earring, but also on countless fellow countrymen who have much less with the music of the rockers. That is why today sounds at 5.15 pm Radar Love. Hopefully the classic will not be blown away by the storm that rages across the country.

Radar Love on radio stations and carillons

Kooymans, who lives in Belgium, has his birthday today. He has turned 73 and there are congratulations on Twitter. Radio stations and, for example, also allow carillon players Radar Love therefore hear massively as a tribute. George Kooymans will never be able to perform again. His colleagues from Golden Earring (Barry Hay, Cesar Zuiderwijk and Rinus Gerritsen) then announced that they would not continue without him.

Here you see Radar Love in 1973 with a still young George Kooymans on the right.

On radio stations such as NPO Radio 2, Radio 5 and 3FM Radar Love played this afternoon. 538, Radio 10 and Veronica also play the song at the same time. A Golden Earring Top 10 that has been compiled by listeners can also be heard on the latter channel.

Work by George Kooymans from church towers

The song is also played by the carillons of the Grote Kerk in The Hague, the Grote Kerk in Meppel, the town hall in Hoogeveen, the Martini Tower in Groningen and various churches in Limburg. It will also be played in the Zuiderpark in The Hague. In TV program Eve The Hague night mayor Rene Bom said that Kooymans is very honored with the tribute. The guitarist was born in his city.

Action Radar Love conceived in a café

The idea for the tribute comes from a café in Zoeterwoude, which used to be the band’s rehearsal space in the past. After it became known that the Golden Earring will stop after sixty years, the pub called on Facebook Radar Love simultaneously blasting through the speakers.

Radar Love is the Golden Earring’s biggest hit. The number of the album Moontan, written in 1973 by Kooymans and singer Barry Hay, was also a great success abroad. In 1974, the single reached the thirteenth place in the American Billboard Hot 100. In the United States, the song was also named ‘the best song while driving’. Radar Love reached number 1 in the Netherlands and Spain.

Numerous covers released

The exact number is unknown, but from Radar Love has been covered countless times. The counter is at a minimum of five hundred. On February 13, the next ‘new’ Radar Love a fact. This comes in the name of the hammond giants Thijs Boontjes and Sven Figee. The two musicians played their version on TV with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk Matthijs Continues. Today Boontjes and Figee announced them Radar Love actually release: “We think it is a great honor that we can release this song as a tribute to George.”

Radar Love lasted 6 minutes and 25 seconds as a single. During concerts, performances could easily extend to 20 minutes. This was mainly due to the legendary drum solos that Caesar Zuiderwijk had in store for the Golden Earring audience.

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Land prepares to pay tribute to Radar Love and George Kooymans, who is ill


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