Green criticism of the ÖVP: theater thunder or more?

Why Sigrid Maurer can accuse the Chancellor Party of a “disturbed relationship to the judiciary” without being contradicted.

When Sigrid Maurer, Club chairwoman of the Greens in Parliament on Tuesday about the judicial and legal understanding of Sebastian Kurz and his ÖVP gave a lecture, so if you listened superficially you could get the impression that the Greens were somehow in opposition to the ÖVP. Maurer found the coalition partner to have a “selective relationship to the rule of law” and complained about the “disrupted relationship between the ÖVP and the independent judiciary”. As for the SMS from the former Novomatic boss, which has been discussed for days Harald Neumann to the current Minister of Finance Gernot Blümel is concerned, then it is a “clearly criminal SMS”.

It is said from the parliamentary club that the internal Greens chat was cheered about the sharpness and clarity of the club boss.

The government partner endured the allegations comparatively calmly. “We are currently fighting a pandemic together and are working through the joint government program step by step,” said Maurer’s counterpart in the ÖVP, August Wöginger, justify in writing. Obviously there is nothing more to say.

It is quite credible that Maurer’s attack was announced in the ÖVP leadership circle – one speaks here of “theatrical thunder”.

Regardless of this, something has happened in the federal government in the past few days: the house blessing hung and hangs crooked; and the ÖVP’s promise to suddenly install a federal prosecutor after decades of rejection was due to massive gossip.

A scene about it: When the Green Parliamentary Club met on Monday evening to discuss the strategy for the special session on Tuesday, there were MPs who openly threatened the ÖVP with the removal of the minister from office. “It was discussed what the ÖVP can do so that we can still trust it,” said one of the meeting participants.

The green distrust of the Chancellor’s party stems from January: With the nightly deportation of well-integrated teenagers, the ÖVP crossed a red line, say parliamentarians Michel Reimon. It is well known that the images produced disturbed voters and officials alike.

With the investigation against the incumbent finance minister, two key green issues were once again affected, namely transparency and the fight against corruption. And here, it is now said by the Federal Greens, you could not give in again.

What’s next? Again Michel Reimon, this time more conciliatory: “I have the impression that the coalition partner has understood that certain things should no longer happen like this.”


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