Green iPhone 13 for only 721 euros effectively – snapper at O2

When it comes to the iPhone 13, the new color green arouses desires. In the O2 tariff bundle you are currently making a snap with an effective price of 721 euros for the green iPhone. The Pro and Max models in green are also included in the tariff package.

Fir green, British racing green or Bergisch green: When it comes to chic colors, green has always played a special role. The special feature is the noble appearance of the green color world. Apple is also catching on to the trend

iPhone 13

up and has with one

green housing variant


In the ongoing O2 campaign

get the Apple smartphone in the trendy special color “green” with tariff

bottom line for 721 euros

. As the price comparison shows, other offers are around 800 euros and up.

Go to the iPhone 13 in green in the O2 deal

How to get the green iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 in green is the eye-catcher par excellence. And there is no question: it arouses desires. The switch may be easier for you to cope with financially in the O2 deal. For the Free-M tariff with 20 GB 5G data volume, you pay EUR 29.99 per month individually for a term of 24 months. That makes 719.76 euros over two years.

The combination of the green iPhone 13 with 128 GB of storage and the Free M tariff will cost you EUR 59.99 per month or EUR 1,439.76 over 24 months. In addition, there is 1 euro for the device itself plus 4.99 euros shipping – makes a total of 1,440.76 euros. If you deduct the 719.76 euros for the tariff, you effectively get away with 721 euros for the iPhone 13 at O2. The 100 euro change bonus and a possible premium for the return of your previous mobile phone are not included. Add 4.99 for shipping.

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 13


Treat your new green iPhone to a transparent case. It would be a pity to hide the special color. Here are a few options in the PC world price comparison.

Strong mobile phone in a green housing: thanks to a tariff deal, you can get the iPhone 13 (on the right in the picture) from O2 for 720 euros.


Strong mobile phone in a green housing: thanks to a tariff deal, you can get the iPhone 13 (on the right in the picture) from O2 for 720 euros.


Green iPhone 13 in two variants

Apple has come up with two chic green variants for the iPhone 13 family. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini come in rich dark green. The previous housing colors blue, graphite, silver and gold are still available.

The green variant, called Alpine Green, is a few shades lighter and is intended for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Alpine green has a metallic effect and is therefore not quite as green. It is applied to the chassis in several ceramic layers. O2 also offers attractive tariff deals for this. Delivery times may occur here due to high demand.

All green iPhone models at O2 at a glance:

iPhone 13 with Free-M plan

iPhone 13 Pro with Free Unlimited Max plan

iPhone 13 Pro Max with Free Unlimited Max plan

Good to know: The new alpine green on the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is created by several layers of metallic ceramic in the nanometer range.

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