Green plans for eco-tax reform: tax SUVs higher – with no exceptions

Commuter flat rate for company bicycles

There are also changes to the commuter allowance. It is made clear that when you use company bicycles or electric bicycles, the flat rate is not lost even if they are used privately. Weekly, monthly or annual tickets for a means of mass transport are tax-privileged. This does not apply if these are seen (by the employer) as part of the wages.

Furthermore, the railway should also benefit from the reform. Specifically, “green” traction current generated by railway companies from renewable energy sources is to be completely relieved of the electricity tax. Partial relief is provided for other traction current. Ultimately, the Ministry of the Environment is also bringing the reduced tax rate of 10 percent on repair services (including repairs and changes) to parliament.

Environmental organizations: “first step”

The environmental protection organizations Global2000, WWF Austria and VCÖ rate the greening package as a first step, which urgently needs to be followed by further measures and, above all, an overall concept by the federal government. “The entire tax system must be geared towards climate protection and energy efficiency in order to achieve the climate goals. This not only requires a persistent environment minister, but above all the full commitment of the Federal Chancellor and finance minister ”, say environmentalists Karl Schellmann (WWF), Johannes Wahlmüller (Global200) and Michael Schwendinger (VCÖ).

Automotive industry angry

As expected, the automotive industry reacted angrily. The draft law is “de facto a tax increase across all vehicle classes,” says Günther Kerle, spokesman for the Austrian automobile importers, “appalled” by the measures of the federal government. The fact that, in the midst of a lockdown, measures would be decided through the back door that would once again tighten the situation for an industry that is already on the ground, lacks sensitivity and appreciation for the automotive industry and is incomprehensible to the industry.


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