Green politician Willi the easing is too slow

Innsbruck mayor Georg Willi (Greens) the easing in the Corona crisis apparently too slow. He pleaded in conversation with the Press for faster loosening because “everyone has now understood the two most important measures, namely keeping one meter away from others and paying attention to hand hygiene”.

“As long as people follow these rules, it is for that virus almost impossible to spread out, “said Willi continue. He also at least partially questioned wearing a nose and throat protector. Although this makes sense in enclosed spaces, the effect of masks outdoors is negligible. “It makes no sense to wear them,” said the mayor of Innsbruck.

In the “ZiB 2” of the ORF, in which Willi The head of the city of Innsbruck also reaffirmed his comments, with today’s knowledge he would have handled the access restrictions in the parks and on the Inn promenade more easily.

Proposals for cultural events

Willi also called for opportunities for events to take place. The planned rule, according to which no more than one person is allowed per ten square meters, is loud Willi but “neither practicable nor comprehensible,” he told the Press. With a distance of one meter and masks, theater and concert events could take place again immediately in closed rooms. For example, actors who get closer could be tested beforehand Willi in front.

Mental health is also important

The mayor also advocated that the term health should be considered “more broadly”. To be healthy is not just to be free from the corona virus. “In addition to economic security, the population also needs mental health, sporting activities and cultural and leisure activities to feel healthy,” he says Willi. When it came to freedom of travel, the city chief also advocated a more relaxed approach. “Countries with few infected people should make bilateral agreements and mutually allow vacationers,” he said.

In the much criticized cause Ischgl the mayor of Innsbruck conceded to those responsible that at least they had tried to do the right thing. “In Ischgl Those responsible then tried to capture the spread with the knowledge at that time. It did not succeed. The fateful events also happened because a shift shift was imminent in mid-March, “explained Willi. But mistakes had also been made that should not be swept under the carpet. Apres ski bars like they used to be will not be available in the future, according to the city boss, but will probably be in a “new, more sophisticated form”. “There’s nothing wrong with sitting down with friends after a day of skiing and drinking a beer,” said Willi.


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