Green Track Award 2022: These are the best sustainable ideas

Be honest: would you have thought that there were so many innovations dealing with sustainable mobility? We are not. We don’t like monstrous words, which everyone understands something different when in doubt, but we remember: we like everything that will make us drive a car in the future.

Thousands of you, dear readers, took part in our vote for the first Green Track Award. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for that. We have now evaluated your answers and selected the winners!

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Green Track Award 2022: the winners

At the end of the day, the list of winners is also a “Who’s Who” of German economic power – with one exception. The Chinese manufacturer Nio “cheated” its way into the illustrious list of Porsche/Siemens Energy, Mercedes, Schaeffler, EnBW, MAN and BMW.

Why? Because his idea is so convincing. The Chinese are building e-cars that can be charged at charging stations – but they are the only ones who offer the option of swapping the car’s empty battery for a full one in four minutes on long journeys. Sure, such a network of exchange stations is expensive. But they are just beginning to build along the major German traffic routes.

For us, progress also means breaking new ground. And they all go winners! Congratulations!

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