Green Track Award: Choose the most sustainable mobility idea!

AUTO BILD is presenting the Green Track Award for the first time! The best sustainable ideas and concepts for change, for a new way – or for continuing the old way with new means (eFuels!) will be rewarded. Because there is not just one answer for the future of mobility. This year we are giving out the Green Track Award for the first time. And that is only possible with your help, dear readers!

Here’s the vote!

We ask for your vote in six categories. The seventh award is the editorial prize, which will be determined by an AUTO BILD expert jury. We are not the winners ourselves, even though AUTO BILD is the first car magazine this year to be CO2-neutral. They may all have been buying organic milk and Ox308;ko bananas for a long time, eating less meat or trying to save energy not only at the pump. Many are still arguing about what sustainability actually means. It comes from forestry and describes the principle of never felling more wood than can grow back. And transferred to the whole world it means: When using raw materials and other treasures of the earth, we want to show consideration for future generations.

Here’s the vote!

We Germans love our forest – but also our cars. How does that fit together? Mobility in the future will only exist with fewer emissions, with a willingness to change, with new ideas. You can see many good ones on these pages. Participate, vote in the categories, vote for your favourites! Each reader has exactly one vote per category. The winners of the Green Track Awards are determined directly by readers’ votes. The candidates with the highest number of votes per category are the winners and receive the Green Track Award. Thank you for participating!

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