Greenpeace report: major differences remain between green electricity suppliers

The companies also receive points based on the amount of electricity supplied, their general supply and the investments in renewable energy. The traders are not one of them. Those companies are dangling at the bottom of the ranking. They sell gray electricity in green packaging. This means that they cheaply buy a so-called guarantee of origin from a real green electricity producer to make their product more attractive. It is a legal practice, but it does not help much.

It is certainly positive that more and more investments are being made to renewable energy, Greenpeace believes, even if it costs points today. For example, Eneco is currently buying a lot of electricity on the “gray” market to serve large Dutch customers such as KPN, Schiphol and public transport in Rotterdam. But the proceeds serve for green investments, says spokesman Mark Van Hamme. “Our long-term goal is always to provide companies with only green power, even though we sometimes have to supply gray power at the start of a business contract.”


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