Grey’s Anatomy: Rob Lowe turned down McDreamy’s role and does not regret it

Grey’s Anatomy has now been a fixture on television for 17 seasons. And in those 17 seasons, a lot of characters have already been reviewed. One of the main characters is undoubtedly Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy. That role was played by Patrick Dempsey. But Grey’s Anatomycreator Shonda Rhimes first tried to trap Rob Lowe. He refused, and he still doesn’t regret it.

Grey’s Anatomyfans had to say goodbye to McDreamy in the eleventh season of the series. Patrick Dempsey’s character had helped victims of a car accident. But then he was hit by himself.

Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy has become a true legend with fans Grey’s Anatomy. The character even returned several times in the dreams of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) in the seventeenth season of the series.

Rob Lowe

But McDreamy had looked almost completely different. Grey’s Anatomycreator Shonda Rhimes (who too Bridgerton has made) wanted Rob Lowe for the part. The actor, who at that time just joined The West Wing left, he refused. In his own words, this was to keep his career varied enough.

Lowe spoke to entertainment magazine Variety about this choice. “That’s exactly what you learn by standing in the field for a long time: there are no accidents. Whatever your decision you make, if you have come to it in the right way, it can never be wrong. ”

“Casting me for that role instead of Patrick Dempsey wouldn’t have been interesting at all,” the actor explains. “The fans would never have started calling the character McDreamy. They would just have called me Rob Lowe. ”

Parks and Recreation

Had Rob Lowe in Grey’s Anatomy accepted, he would never come in Parks and Recreation have been able to play along. And as fans know, he has. And with shine. “That alone means for me that I made the right choice,” he continues.



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