Grimes hosts art exhibition: “Piece of her soul” for sale

The whole world now knows who Grimes is. But the artist is much more than just “Mrs. Elon Musk” and “the mother of X Æ A-12”. She is an artist who exhibits and sells her work for the first time. And one of the pieces in the collection is as special as the name of her son. The highest bidder can go home with a piece of Grimes’ soul.

Singer Grimes is now almost better known for the name she wants to give her son with Elon Musk than for her music. But besides being a singer and mother, the eccentric woman is also an artist. She has made a lot of art over the past ten years, and she now sells it through an online exhibition.

Identity in the digital age

The exhibition, Selling Out, runs in two galleries simultaneously: Gallery Platform Los Angeles and Maccarone Los Angeles. It contains drawings, prints, photos and other conceptual art that the artist has made over the past ten years.

Selling Out examines the fact of a potential identity in the digital age ”, the website of the last gallery reads. “The ability to create, improve and identify beyond our biological limits.”


One of the collections in the exhibition is WarNymph. That character is the virtual avatar of Grimes (who is really called Claire Boucher). “WarNymph was born out of machine learning, and is a collaboration between Grimes and her brother Mac Boucher. ”

Selling Out

The next piece is perhaps the most impressive from Grimes’ unique collection. Selling Out is a contract in which the artist sells part of her soul. The concept “formalizes the idea that every time an artist sells a piece of his art, a piece of his soul is also sold every time.”

“I actually didn’t want anyone to buy that, so I said we only put the price at $ 10 million (just under 9 million euros, ed.) and that it is unlikely to go on sale, ”Grimes told Bloomberg News.

Nobody wants to give that much, especially considering the current state of the world, said the singer and mother of X Æ A-12. In the meantime, she has abandoned that amount and let the public determine the value of the piece of her soul.


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