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Gripping film about family drama | Movie

A happy family, happy with each other, unaffected by the increasing unrest in the country. Still.

A bullet makes everything different. In a terrorist attack on soldiers, their car is also shot at. Little Aziz is badly injured and is just about to be rescued in hospital, although his condition remains critical. Ultimately, only an early liver transplant will prevent the boy from dying. Of course, his parents are immediately willing to act as donors. Only in doing so they come to a shocking discovery that unsettles their entire existence and makes them confront each other.

In his directorial debut as a feature film maker, director Mehdi Barsaoui accurately mixes all the ingredients of his melodrama. Political and religious backgrounds unmistakably have an impact on events. Just like corruption, lawlessness and shameless exploitation. But without explaining too much, he mainly stays with the people who are involved here: a mother, a father and their child. Un fils is strongly acted, palpable and absolutely poignant.

✭✭✭✩ (3.5 out of 5)


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