Gripping story in Frank and Rogier touches viewers

Tamara and Kelly took the opportunity to take over a holiday farm three years ago. Unfortunately, this adventure turned out to be a drama. “We started in August and were already quite full in September,” says Tamara. But it soon became apparent that there was a lot of overdue maintenance and tons of adjustments had to be made. There appeared to be legionella in the pipes and the roof had to be renewed.

The two are positive, but then to make matters worse, cancer is also discovered in Tamara. Kelly then had to keep things going on her own. “That was a very tough period,” says Kelly. Ultimately, all events lead to a lot of negative reviews online. The guests are dissatisfied, but Frank and Rogier manage to renovate the rooms considerably.

The ladies don’t know what they are seeing and the viewers are melting away at this happy ending.

Frank & Rogier Check In can be seen every Tuesday evening at 20.30 on RTL 4 and Videoland.

Frank and Rogier recently made the switch from SBS to RTL and were looking forward to their new adventure. They revealed their plans in RTL Boulevard.


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