Groceries prices have risen this year, especially beer considerably more expensive

This is apparent from an inventory by market researcher GfK that the AD is writing about today. Pet food, soft drinks and bread have also become more expensive. The prices of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish rose relatively the least, by about 1 percent.

‘Exploded demand’

Koos Gardebroek, agricultural economist at Wageningen University, explains to the newspaper that the more expensive groceries are the result of the ‘exploded demand for agricultural products’. He thinks that an average household spends ‘hundreds of euros extra’ on groceries on an annual basis.

Pass on price

“Supermarkets obviously prefer not to do this, but they cannot escape passing on the increased prices to the consumer,” Gardebroek told the newspaper.

“The energy crisis is also on top of that. Not only has the food and drink itself become more expensive, but also its transport due to higher fuel prices.”

On average 3.6 percent more expensive

The price of beer rose the most (6.7 percent), followed by personal care products (6.5 percent) and cleaning products (6.1 percent). On average, groceries became 3.6 percent more expensive this year, calculated GfK.

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