Groningen is the new Amsterdam: house prices rose the most there

In recent years, the prices of homes have mainly risen in the Randstad and especially in Amsterdam. Now things are different: in September it was the houses in the province that became more expensive.

Compared to a year ago, prices in the province of Groningen rose the most: by 11.3 percent. The price of a hius in the city of Groningen rose even more.

The highlight is the East Groningen region. That is still one of the regions in the Netherlands where house prices are lowest in absolute terms.


This is evident from figures from online appraiser Calcasa. This speaks of ‘important changes in the regional distribution’. House prices are rising, especially in the more provincial cities and rural areas.

There was already talk of a movement from the big cities to peripheral municipalities and the corona crisis has intensified that, according to Calcasa. Houses are mainly sold more quickly outside the big cities.

Flevoland and North Brabant

Flevoland and Noord-Brabant are numbers two and three on the list, with price increases of just under 10 percent.

At the bottom of the line dangles, along with Zeeland and Limburg, North Holland. That is striking, because there house prices have actually soared in recent years.


In popular cities in North Holland such as Amsterdam and Haarlem, houses were only 7.9 percent more expensive. That is well below the average for the Netherlands of 8.9 percent.

Amsterdam has already undergone an incredible price explosion of houses: prices have risen by almost 75 percent in the past ten years.


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