Groningen trainer Buijs in the breach for Zeefuik and Matusiwa | Football

Even though Zeefuik indicated last week after the first training that he was not able to motivate very well. The international of the Dutch Juniors can go to Southampton in the Premier League, which already registered last winter and wants to pay more than Hertha BSC. But Zeefuik wants to go to Hertha and the Bundesliga. He will not end up there, as long as the Germans do not pay what Groningen wants for his right back. The talks have been going on for a long time, although everyone within Groningen takes into account that Zeefuik is going to make a step and his replacement in Damil Dankerlui has already loosened up with Willem II. Matusiwa previously indicated that he was “rather grumpy” that Groningen had not yet reached an agreement with one of the interested clubs from the French Ligue 1.

But until there is a possible agreement, Zeefuik and Matusiwa will cut the turf out of the field for Groningen. Buijs is convinced of this. “I like those boys,” says the coach. “They are pure boys. They go full every day, although there is sometimes a lesser day in between. Zeefuik still makes 300 slidings per training and flips over his opponent 50 times. Nobody has to take into account that as soon as they wear a Groningen shirt, these boys will forsake. That is not in their dictionary. Only those boys also have ambitions and they reach an age that they can take very nice steps. Then you have to go through an interview like that Deyo can sting. It just depends on how you interpret the word “motivate”. It’s not about forsaking or being late. That boy simply meant to wake up sometimes and think: I would have liked to be in Berlin now, but I have to go to Groningen. At the training he just gives everything. These guys are fantastic to work with and certainly in the case of Deyo, who has played here for two and a half years and enters his last contract year, you have to take into account that this step will be made. And he deserved it. ”

Buijs let Matusiwa wear the captain’s armband on Saturday-evening in the first half of the exhibition game against Heracles Almelo (1-0). “Arjen Robben is normally just the first captain, but after that a number of boys are eligible to wear the belt and Azor is one of them,” says Buijs, who then indirectly once again indicates that with Matusiwa’s attitude there is nothing is wrong. “He is an example in the group of how you should experience the profession of professional football player.”


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