Group training resumption at Serie A clubs postponed

The resumption of group training at the Italian football clubs in Serie A has been postponed indefinitely. According to various media, there are as yet too many uncertainties at the clubs and at the Italian football federation (FIGC) about the medical protocol that has been imposed by the government for the joint practice sessions. Some measures are also perceived as unworkable by the parties involved.

Various clubs have chosen to maintain the system of individual training of the players for the time being. Other clubs have decided to practice in small groups, keeping the players at a safe distance from each other. The familiar group training would be reintroduced from Monday.

The Serie A has been shut down since March 9 due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. The competition is scheduled to resume on June 13. However, due to the current uncertainty and the dissatisfaction among the clubs about the corona measures, that target date no longer seems feasible.

In particular, the rule that the entire selection must be quarantined for two weeks if a player is tested positive for the corona virus can be met with much criticism from the clubs. This could mean that in a few positive cases at a few clubs, a lot of matches would have to be postponed immediately, making the completion of the competition even more difficult.



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