Growing concerns about the British corona variant

An “extremely worrying situation” that puts “unseen pressure” on hospitals. British policymakers do not shy away from the big words now that corona infections in the United Kingdom are skyrocketing.

The counter came to a record of 53,135 registered infections on Tuesday, or an increase of 28 percent in just one day. There may be a catch-up effect after the Christmas period, but that is not the only explanation, experts say. There has been a fundamental increase, perhaps due to the much more contagious corona variant code-named VUI – 202012/01.

Hospitals in England and Wales are already treating more Covid patients than at the height of the first wave in April. “We must suppress this virus to protect our health system and save lives until the vaccine can protect us,” said UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, speaking of an “extremely worrying situation.”

The British government will decide tomorrow on possible stricter measures to contain the epidemic, including keeping schools closed for longer. According to The Telegraph newspaper, the top players of the Premier League are considering stopping football competition for two weeks.

Fear on the continent

The British corona peak comes at a time when the situation is improving in many other European countries, including Belgium. The European mainland is terrified that the British corona variant, which has already appeared here and there on the continent, is spreading even faster.

There are 11 known cases in the Netherlands. The government will meet there tomorrow for emergency talks.

In our country, Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) announced on Tuesday that the federal police will carry out additional checks on the obligations for returning travelers from abroad this weekend. Stricter checks will be carried out at airports, international train stations and on the roads.


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