GTA 6: Large map and well-known locations

“Grand Theft Auto 6” is to unite the locations of three offshoots and at the same time lead to Europe.

Rockstar Games is still holding back with details about “Grand Theft Auto 6”. There are new rumors every day, but they are often more or less credible. Now the well-known industry analyst Michael Pachter has expressed his expectations for “GTA 6” in a YouTube video. This also includes the possible release period as well as references to the map of the game. “Grand Theft Auto 6” is said to have been in development since 2014. Concrete work began a year later. Pachter assumes that the development would take at least ten years, so a release is not expected until 2024 at the earliest.

Return to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas

One reason for the long development time is that Rockstar Games wants to combine three well-known locations from the classic 3D offshoots. According to this, players in “GTA 6” should be able to visit Liberty City (“GTA 3”), Vice City (“GTA Vice City”) and San Andreas (“GTA San Andreas”). Europe, specifically London, should also serve as the setting for the game. The result would be missions that would lead from one city to another.

Greatest GTA Adventure Ever?

Pachter puts the expected playing time at 400 to 500 hours. The extent to which the analyst’s information is correct cannot currently be verified. Fans should still be satisfied with Pachter’s statements. After all, the extensive world in particular points to the greatest “GTA” adventure to date. On the other hand, many players may have hoped for an earlier release date than 2024. However, considering the huge and detailed world, the long development time seems plausible.

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