GTST makers have wild plans for the Verduyn family

In an interview Cas Jansen talks to Veronica Magazine almost passed his mouth: “Just before the recordings were stopped, I had heard that there is a storyline coming up for my TV family and me that is really fun.” The actor doesn’t want to let go of anything more, but it promises so much good.

Last season Cas Jansen returned to the soap after twenty years. His character is not very exciting compared to the past. The old Julian went through a lot: “Held in a sect with Robert and Laura, slept with his sister, attempted suicide … I only spent two seasons in it, so you can say that as the rebellious Julian went through a lot, haha! ” Still, it didn’t really impress the actor: “I had long forgotten half of it.”

You can read the entire interview with Cas Jansen in the new one Veronica Magazine.

Good times Bad Times see you Monday to Thursday at 8 p.m. on RTL 4 or watch Videoland. On May 28 it is time for the last episode of this season.


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