Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Slash’s hair on your wedding cake? Apparently you can!

The fact that Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Slash has a rather special sense of style is nothing new. But now fans of the top hat-wearing musician can also purchase that style. The figurines that decorated the wedding cake of the eccentric Saul Hudson are for sale on eBay, including top hat and real Slash hair.

Have you always dreamed of making it clear on your wedding day that you are a huge fan of Guns N ‘Roses? We have good news for you! After all, a wedding cake doll has appeared on eBay, which guitarist Slash presents, including a top hat and his real hair!

Slash and Perla Ferrar…

Slash Guns N 'Roses wedding cake

The doll was on top of the wedding cake of Slash and his wife Perla Ferrar in 2001. The male wears (as we are used to from Slash) a top hat, and the female a real veil. Both plastic characters have real hair, which would be that of the couple.

After just under 17 years of marriage, Slash (who is actually called Saul Hudson) and Perla Ferrar broke up. The woman thought it was no better than to give the dolls to auction house Julien’s Auctions. And the person who bought them there was clearly not so happy with his purchase.

… can be yours!

The figurines appeared on eBay, the most famous online auction site on the worldwide web. And for “barely” 3,000 dollars (a good 2,770 euros) the gem is yours!

If you can (and want to) put that money on the table, you will also receive a letter from Julien’s Auctions stating that the topper on top of the wedding cake of the Guns N ‘Roses guitarist (who would normally shut down Pinkpop this summer) and Perla Ferrar, and she donated it to the auction house.

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