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Guus Meeuwis about ‘crematorium house’: ‘More than happy with it’

You must have seen it: the new house of Guus Meeuwis. He demolished a beautiful villa in Tilburg and replaced it with a kind of… bunker. Some on Twitter called it a “crematorium.” But lovebirds Guus and Manon (Meijers) are “more than happy” with it.

Frank Dane called the singer in the this morning 538 Morning show: “Wait a minute, I have to get the cake out of the oven.” Dane smiles and thinks it is “nice that Guus has a reception in the bunker”.

The new (rather rectangular) house of Guus and Manon has very few windows. The color is also very military, so it almost looks like a bunker. Especially when you compare it with the old-fashioned villa that was there. If you are a celebrity, a limited number of windows might be nice, but local residents were not entirely in agreement.

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“We don’t live there yet”

The singer defended his “palace” in the broadcast with radio DJ Dane: “We don’t live there yet. We are still drawing new windows. It is a very modern, sleek house. I think it’s a beautiful design. We are more than happy with it! But it’s just like a song: you should only judge it when it is completely finished. ”

The whole of Twitter went wild – and no one held back – but Guus doesn’t notice much of that. “Yesterday there was some commotion, but I mainly hear good news.” He himself is very satisfied with his new home. Let’s just say there is no disputing about taste.

“Should be prohibited”

Here are some of the best, funniest or most savage reactions to the singer’s new home. “Destroy a pre-war house and build a house without character or taste. It should be forbidden. ”

Someone else is responding It is a night van Guus: „It is a house that you normally only see in horror films. It’s a house caught in this bad song. It’s a house you thought you’d never experience. But Guus Meeuwis, what the fuck did you do? ”

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Guus Meeuwis about “crematorium house”: “More than happy with it”


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