GWM Wey Coffee 01: China hybrid SUV with 150 km electric range

Chinese automakers are gradually entering the European market. The group too GWM (Great Wall Motors) tries to gain a foothold here and therefore visits the IAA in Munich (September 7th to 12th) with two of his brands. In addition to the electric model Ora Cat the Asians present that too Wey Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid SUVthat with an impressive electrical Range of up to 150 kilometers wants to cause a sensation. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

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away 2022 the 01 should be available from dealers in Germany, the order books will be opened as early as autumn 2021. The first model from Wey in Germany will probably be start at around 50,000 euros and already be very well equipped in the base. AUTO BILD took a closer look at the hybrid vehicle at the IAA in Munich (the tops & flops of the fair).
GWM Wey Coffee01

Retractable door handles and mighty rims. The Wey definitely wants attention.

Look: The Coffee 01 has retractable door handles

The Chinese appear stately at the exhibition stand. the wide front houses a large radiator grille that carries many small chrome elements. They are three-dimensional and reflect the light to different degrees while driving, which should result in an optical effect. the LED headlights are narrow inwards, the apron is solid. Wey shows itself in profile with retractable door handles and big 21 inch wheels, the rear is simple and also has LED lights.

Dimensions: plug-in hybrid SUV with an impressive size

In terms of dimensions, the Wey Coffee 01 is too big. The numbers at a glance:

● Length: 4.87 meters
● Width: 1.96 meters
● Height: 1.69 meters

GWM Wey Coffee01

Everything in the interior is digital. An AR head-up display is standard.

Interior: good workmanship and large touchscreen

The inside of the Coffee 01 is noble. Light-colored man-made leather, Alcantara and decorative stitching dominate the look. the Seats are comfortable and seem to be properly padded. That steering wheel is pleasantly thick and has Touch surfaces with which the infotainment and the assistants are controlled. There is no classic speedometer, just a right one narrow display gives information about speed and Co. The graphics of the display are very pleasing and have a high resolution. In the middle there is a 14.6-inch touchscreenwho operates the infotainment.
GWM Wey Coffee 01
In the first check, the Coffee 01 scores especially with its workmanship.

Qualcomm Snapdragon chips are used here to give the system the necessary performance. the The air conditioning is also operated via a touchscreenwhich is housed in a floating center console in the Hyundai Nexo style. The screen responds well, but tends to be reflective. Not so wild, because various gestures should enable operation without having to look – a smart idea. Interesting: Beside USB-C sockets there are also classic ones in the Wey USB-A ports. There is no need to buy a new cable. the Processing is throughout Well. There is in the rear loads of space. The dimensions of the Wey Coffee 01 are noticeable here. Even longer distances shouldn’t be a problem here.

Assistants: Many features are already on board in the base

There won’t be many extras for the Coffee 01 when the order starts, because the SUV is extremely well equipped even in the base. LED laser light, motorway assistant, 360-degree cameras and infotainment are always on board. If you value musical enjoyment, you can also order a premium sound system with 15 speakers as an option.
GWM Wey Coffee01

The 450 hp plug-in hybrid SUV will be available in 2022.

Drive: Up to 150 km electric range

The Coffee 01 caused a stir above all with its drive. The Chinese works with a plug-in hybrid drive and one maximum system output of 476 hp. This is made up of the power of one Two-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor together and distributes the power to all four wheels. With help of a 41.8 kWh batteries should drive the Wey up to 150 kilometers purely electrically can, a value that would make European manufacturers sweat.

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