Gym commentator Van Zetten will stop at NOS Sport immediately

The reason for that decision is the commotion caused by an article in sports magazine Helden. It stated that a few years ago, Van Zetten opposed actions to put an end to misconduct by gymnastics trainers.

‘Good for reputation’

He would also have spoken derogatory about gymnasts who have been mistreated by their trainers, de Volkskrant reported earlier this month. For example, he mentions in his book ‘He stands!’ looking forward to three gymnasts. He writes about one of them that ‘all this fuss is good for her reputation as a porn actress’ and that she ‘plays the victim role more and more professionally’.

The statements prompted the NOS to sit down with Van Zetten. In that conversation, Van Zetten announced that he would stop working as a freelance commentator.

“It is sensible that Hans draws the conclusion to stop and not burden us with this issue”, says Maarten Nooter, editor-in-chief of NOS Sport.

“In 2020 we are still revelations about abuses in the gymnastics world. A NOS commentator must be able to speak and judge about this without prejudice and with respect. And so this is a wise decision, however unfortunate it is that after 34 years ends soon. “


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