Gynecologists: “Pregnant women, get vaccinated against coronavirus”

The corona vaccine does not pose any risk to pregnant women. That was the message from two gynecologists to the vaccination task force. Initially, it was not recommended for pregnant women to get vaccinated because too little research had been done on this, but these studies are now available. That is why the two gynecologists are calling on pregnant women to get vaccinated anyway.

The vaccination task force had a meeting on Saturday with doctor Isabelle Dehaene of UZ Gent and Professor Frédéric Debiève of the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, two gynecologists who specialize in high-risk pregnancies.

Many people are currently unclear about vaccinating against the corona virus when you are pregnant. This is because the pharmaceutical companies that developed the vaccines initially said they should not be given to pregnant women. That was not because they posed a danger, but simply because there weren’t enough studies on it.

Covid-19 is dangerous in pregnancy

In the meantime, enough research has been done and the corona vaccines appear to be perfectly safe for those who are pregnant. That is why the gynecologists are calling on all pregnant women to get vaccinated. Dehaene also points to recent studies that have shown that Covid-19 poses additional danger during pregnancy. For example, the chance of premature births is much higher. “The study therefore concludes that vaccination is advisable for all pregnant women and women planning pregnancy,” notes De Morgen.


Dehaene also refers to the other misunderstanding about the influence of the corona vaccines on fertility. “There is no risk of impaired fertility,” she says. Vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme joins her in this: “It is not necessary to postpone the pregnancy wish.”

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