Hacker attack on Caritas: ransom rejected, now analogue instead of digital

Cyber ​​gangsters have hacked an important social association. Caritas now refuses to pay the ransom and switches to analogue operation.

Cyber ​​criminals attacked the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising and stole or encrypted data from its computers. Now the gangsters are demanding a ransom to be paid in the form of cryptocurrency. In case of non-payment, the criminals threaten to publish the stolen data. But Caritas refuses to pay, as reported by Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Switch to analogue operation

Since the attack, Caritas in the Munich area can no longer be reached by email. The operation continues in “analogue mode”, as Caritas writes. If you want to reach Caritas in Munich and Upper Bavaria at the moment, you should call them and not write an email. Online applications for vacancies at Caritas are currently not possible. At the Catholic social association, 350 services and facilities with around 10,000 employees are said to be affected by the attack.

According to BR, an international group of cybercriminals is behind the attack. These have already attacked some companies and organizations in the past. Caritas is currently trying to clear up the cyber attack together with external specialists and investigative authorities.

The board of the Munich Caritas Association has now decided not to respond to the ransom demand. The association wants to set up an alternative IT infrastructure. The data backups required for this are in place.

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