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Hackers have taken over the British Army’s YouTube and Twitter channels to spread crypto scams.

Last weekend, both the British Army’s Youtube channel and Twitter account were taken over by hackers. This was announced by the British Ministry of Defense.

“We are aware that the Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts have been attacked and an investigation is ongoing. The Army takes information security very seriously and is in the process of solving the problem,”

it says in one

the press office of the Ministry of Defense.

Twitter account leads to NFT scam

After the army’s Twitter account was hijacked, the attackers changed the cover photo, profile picture and bio. They wanted to make it appear that the account was linked to The Possessed NFT collection. Unsuspecting users should be lured to a fake NFT imprinting website with retweets for NFT giveaways.

Cryptocurrency scam also on Youtube

The British Army Youtube channel was also taken over. Here, the attackers deleted all videos and changed the design to resemble investment firm Ark Invest. There were also old live streams that Ark Invest conducted with Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey last June. They were provided with an overlay designed to entice users to participate in a cryptocurrency scam. Using such a trick, scammers had already managed to steal more than $1.3 million this year.

Damage now contained

Twitter confirmed that the British Army’s account was suspended and secured after the hack became public. The damage has now been limited and the Twitter account is back to its original state.

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