Hacker hijacks Disneyland social media accounts

A hacker this week managed to hijack Disneyland’s social media accounts and spread hate messages through them.

Disneyland’s Instagram and Facebook accounts were taken over by a hacker this week, Reuters reports. He circulated a series of inappropriate messages through the amusement park’s two social media accounts yesterday, Thursday.

Disney conducts investigation

The Walt Disney Co. responded promptly to the attack.

“We worked quickly to remove the objectionable content, secure our accounts and our security teams are conducting an investigation,”

according to an official statement. Within hours, the hacker’s hate messages were deleted and Disney regained control of its Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Hacker wanted revenge on Disneyland

Screenshots of the hacked social media accounts show that the attacker described himself as a “super hacker” out for revenge on Disneyland. The alleged reason: Disneyland employees would have made fun of him because his genitals were too small. He circulated profane and racist posts on both Instagram and Facebook, aimed at certain Disneyland employees, among others. Disneyland has more than 8.4 million followers on Instagram alone and 16.5 million on Facebook. Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, declined to comment to Reuters.

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